Your gateway to New Zealand's extraordinary experiences

At See New Zealand. We are not just a travel magazine; we are your digital gateway to New Zealand’s extraordinary experiences. We will take you on a visual journey through lush landscapes, cultural festivities, adrenaline-pumping adventures and breaking Landscapes, all to show you this great country we live in.

That wasn’t too much was it?

The clue to what we do is in the title!

Every time we travel we collect images, experiences, ideas and shoot videos, all to show you our travels and the extraordinary experiences that New Zealand has to offer.

By the way – any excuse to fly our drone – we’re all over it!

We have lived in New Zealand for decades, sometimes we wonder where has that time gone? During that time we have seen a lot of this country.

We have been privileged to journey from the top, Cape Reinga, to the bottom, Slope Point in Southland, and places in between. Sometimes, not just once, but twice or even three times – that’s the joy of living in New Zealand. It doesn’t take long to get anywhere.

We tell it like it is!

It’s only fair to you, that we portray what we have seen in our articles, images and footage. Perhaps at times our journalistic flair might be lacking, however we want more accuracy and less fluff – but sometimes we do try to be creative.

We promise you that we will not use hype or marketing speak. Yep, we have all been exposed to “eliminating the negative, accentuating the positive” approach of modern day media. How often have you visited an attraction only to find out that it’s not what the reviews, travel websites or the media portrayed?

If it’s good, we will say so!