Blue Spring Closure 2023

Blue Spring Track and Spring closed for a year over safety concerns

Blue Spring track is closed from 13 November 2023. This also includes the Te Waihou Walkway, which will close to the public. There will be NO ACCESS to the Springs from this date onwards. I have spoken to the local council, who confirmed this. The Blue Springs will be reopened in November 2024 at this stage – we will keep you posted.

Please Respect the closure of the Blue Spring & walkway - it is for your safety

The media release from Tuesday, 31 October 2023

South Waikato District Council is closing the popular Blue Spring / Te Waihou Walkway. A rockfall in June made the Walkway impassable from the Leslie Road end. Since June, visitors have been using the Whites Road (SH28) carpark entrance to gain access to the Walkway, but this is causing an overflow of cars and significant traffic/pedestrian safety issues on a busy state highway.

Shane Anderson, South Waikato District Council’s Acting Executive Manager – Delivery, says that public safety is the reason for the Council’s decision to close the Walkway.

“After the rockfall occurred, we implemented immediate safety measures, and the walkway from the Leslie Road carpark entrance was closed. We have subsequently decided to close the Walkway completely so the Council and our partners can carry out a thorough assessment of the respective roles of the stakeholders involved. It is important to establish ownership and land tenure and if they are still appropriate for the sustainable management of the Walkway and Blue Spring,” he said.

“Council will be installing fencing and signage at Whites Road and Leslie Road advising the public of the closure. We ask the public to stay away from the area for their safety,” he said.

Blue Spring Track closure is not permanent

The good news is that the Walkway will re-open, but a lot of work needs to be done before that can happen. The Council continues to work with landowners, Raukawa, the Department of Conservation and the Waikato Regional Council on long-term solutions. The plan is to have the Blue Spring / Te Waihou Walkway open again by November 2024.

Other things to do in South Waikato

Though the Blue Springs are temporarily closed, there are many other things to see and do in South Waikato

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