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We are at another film location of the Lord of the Rings series, Castle Hill, in New Zealand’s Canterbury region.

This surreal terrain provided the setting for the “Ring goes South” sequence in The Fellowship of the Ring. In this video, I will explain the process behind the formation of these rocks and present the authentic footage where Castle Hill was employed in the Lord of the Rings production.

As we all know, the impact of "The Lord of the Rings" on fans worldwide has been nothing short of profound

The epic saga brought to life on the big screen has transcended the boundaries of mere entertainment and become a cultural phenomenon that has touched audiences worldwide.

The story, with themes of friendship, bravery, and the battle between light and darkness, has touched the hearts of millions.

The group of limestone boulders evokes the image of a crumbling castle, leading to the name Castle Hill. These rocks originated in a vast inland sea millions of years ago, as sediment compression gave rise to limestone formations.

As the sea withdrew, the limestone remained, and ongoing water erosion gradually shaped the limestone into the formations visible today. Aside from their striking appearance, these structures are essentially just old rocks!

Above is the portrayal from the movie, revealing the rocks atop the hill. At Castle Hill, there is a marker showing the rock Frodo concealed beneath. Observing the scene when they hide, you’ll notice that the rocks resemble the real ones.

In the distant shots, it might result from “movie magic” – the rocks the characters perch on are authentic, but the background rocks are added.

While exploring the area, you won’t come across rocks with identical shapes as depicted in the film.

Given the antiquity of the rocks, they likely served as inspiration for the filmmakers, guiding the creation of rock shapes to mirror their natural counterparts.

Nevertheless, having a specific section of Castle Hill featured in the film is not crucial. Roaming around the area, it’s truly remarkable to consider that the film crew and actors once stood on the same ground.

You leave feeling a sense of connection to the world of Middle Earth.

What to expect when you visit Castle Hill

Arriving at Castle Hill, you will see a carpark and a set of toilets, that’s all. To get to the Rocks, you will walk about 800 metres – you can see the distance from the carpark.

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If you are in the area, it’s worth a look, after all they are just old rocks.

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