National Army Museum, Waiouru New Zealand

National Army Museum, Waiouru

The National Army Museum in Waiouru, New Zealand, delves into New Zealand’s rich military legacy.

The Army Museum brings New Zealand’s military history to life with impressive exhibits and displays. Giving you an immersive and emotional experience suitable for visitors of all ages – every New Zealander should visit the museum and understand how lucky we are to live here!

With a collection that includes weapons, uniforms, vehicles, and mementos from various conflicts like the World Wars, the Vietnam War, and more recent peacekeeping missions worldwide, the museum beautifully honours the bravery and dedication of the New Zealand Defense Force.

A time to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices of our armed forces

The museum hosts educational workshops, guided tours, and special events for visitors to understand our military’s history and values.

The museum gives you a sense of national pride and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the country’s servicemen and women.

As a reminder of New Zealand’s military history, the National Army Museum is a place to reflect, learn, and be proud of our national identity.

Its commitment to preserving the past and educating present and future generations highlights the enduring significance of the nation’s military contributions and the profound impact of its armed forces on New Zealand’s identity and culture.

Gallery of images from a recent visit to the National Army Museum

Images and exhibits showcasing our nation’s military history – telling the stories of Kiwi soldiers and exploring our participation in major conflicts worldwide.

How to get to the National Army Museum

If you travel by road, follow the state highway routes to Waiouru. The museum is located off State Highway 1. From the North, it is past the desert road and south, the next stop after Taihape.

Our Rating

This is a must visit for all New Zealander’s, it humbling to realise the sacrifices the defence forces have made for New Zealand.

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